Our Staff

Dr. Lionel Corbett

Founding Member and Executive Director 

Dr. Lionel Corbett trained in medicine and psychiatry in England and as a Jungian Analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago. His primary interests are: the religious function of the psyche, especially the way in which personal religious experience is relevant to individual psychology; the development of psychotherapy as a spiritual practice; and the interface of Jungian psychology and contemporary psychoanalytic thought. Dr. Corbett is a professor of depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, in Santa Barbara, California, where he teaches depth psychology. He is the author of numerous professional papers and four books: Psyche and the sacred, The religious function of the psyche, The sacred cauldron: Psychotherapy as a spiritual practice, andThe soul in anguish: Psychotherapeutic approaches to suffering. He is the co-editor of: Jung and aging; Depth psychology, meditations in the field; Psychology at the threshold; and  Psyche's stories: Jungian interpretations of fairy tales

Audrey Curra

Founding Member and Director 

Audrey Curra earned her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, with an emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She volunteers at a non-profit community counseling center in Sherman Oaks, California. Her passion for exploring Jung’s approach to the sacred emerged out of her work as a performer and artist. Her performance work focuses on an embodied investigation of psyche through movement, ritual, music and voice. She continues to study the body-psyche connection through the use of Authentic Movement and Somatic psychology. At PSCC, Audrey manages lecture and seminar organization and registration, non-profit finance and donations, as well as facilitating a movement practice with seminar attendees during seminar sessions. Email her directly at audrey@psycheandthesacred.org

Tara Gilmaher

Founding Member and Director 

Tara Gilmaher is a body-mind psychotherapist with a focus in integrative therapies and healing practices.  She is currently pursuing licensure as a marriage and family psychotherapist and a Ph.D. depth psychology program. Tara has also practiced as a Clinical Hypnotherapist having earned credentials in hypnosis, behaviour modification, mindfulness, meditation, somatic release, energetic balancing traditions, non-violent communication and mediation, shamanic work, and in helping people recover from the effects of trauma. In addition, Tara has a diverse background working in the arts and entertainment industry—both abroad and on international teams, as a doula and parenting educator, lecturing at universities, and working with disabled populations.  She grew up with horses, livestock, and working and performing at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Tara is a founding member of PSCC.  Tara can be contacted by anyone interested in hosting seminars, contributing skills or services to the board of directors, or with program development suggestions and questions. contact@psycheandthesacred.org 

Jill McGonigle